The Master's Touch Massage



Thank you for visiting our page! Unfortunately, The Master's Touch Massage is closed. Our last day of operation was September 16th, 2023.  Thank you all for your patronage over the years!


After 9/16/23, Marna will begin at Just Breathe Massage Therapy, 200 S. Westland Avenue, Suite 2, Gallatin, TN 615-397-4864 - you can schedule online at

Also after 9/16/23, Christie will be at Lucent Bodyworks and Massage, 1121 Airport Center Drive, Suite 7, Nashville, TN 37214, located off Elm Hill Pike and Donelson. Mobile sessions will also be available. Clients may contact directly by phone: 615-854-8678 or by booking in-office sessions at


As of 6/21/23, a decision has been made to close the brick and mortar office. We will officially close the doors on 9/30/23, with the final day of client reception being 9/16/23 to allow time to clean out the office. If you have any outstanding massages left in your package or any gift certificates, please be sure to redeem them before 9/16/23, as they will no longer be valid after that date. Each one is noted that they are valid unless "the owner of The Master's Touch Massage expires or retires" -  the establishment license for the office is being retired. I appreciate each and every client that has made this business what it is, and will let everyone know when I start at another establishment, however, gift certificates for The Master's Touch Massage will not be valid wherever I land.




Two emails have been sent out to clients regarding the closing of this office, but I have been told by a couple that they have not received any emails.

So here is the official announcement:  The Master’s Touch Massage will be closing September 30th. The last day of seeing clients will be Saturday, September 16th. The establishment license will officially be retired. Therefore, if you have any outstanding gift certificates or packages, the massages will need to be done by September 16th.

Marna and Christie will continue to practice massage, just not at The Master’s Touch Massage. Any gift certificates or packages from The Master’s Touch Massage will not be valid at their new locations. 

Thank you all for being the greatest clients ever!!! An announcement will be made with the new employment information around the middle of August. Please redeem your gift certificates and packages before September 16th!

Thanks for visiting, have a great day and God bless you!